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. 9i-ES/ESA is a media player designed for desktop hifi system. It is a reduced version of the 9i-AD Black Gold Ultimate Model. 9i-ESA is a model with headphone amplifier.
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     The 9i-ES/ESA media player uses the Marvell's 88DE3010 Blu-ray solution as the core and has video capabilities. Because of Marvell's unique qdeo technology, the video quality is excellent, and it is in the leading position in all Blu-ray solutions. In addition, the internal high-end audio DSP is used and the multi-channel and dual-channel are independent, so the audio performance is also very strong. We also redesigned the chip clock architecture to give the DSP the ability to receive an external clock, the "independent audio dual clock" architecture, making the 88DE3010 a high-performance audio and video HiFi digital player solution. Cen.grand first proposed this architecture and achieved productization. In 2011, the first product 5i-A using this solution was launched.


     9i-ES/ESA can play Blu-ray movies, can output 7.1-channel next-generation audio through HDMI interface, support Blu-ray navigation, support multiple video format file playback, support 3D. The audio supports wav, flac, ape, DSD and other music formats, and the sampling rate is supported to PCM192 and DSD64. The built-in hard disk supports 2T, the external mobile hard disk supports 1T, and can also be connected to the hard disk array through USB, and the capacity is not limited. The speed of the network card is 100M, and the video in the LAN can be played through wifi or wired connection.


     These two products are based on cen.grand's famous media player "9i-AD black gold version", which redesigns and adjusts the characteristics of the earphones, which not only maintains the advantages of the black gold version, but also conforms to the listening of the headphones. feature. The 9i-ES/ESA is very similar to the Black Gold version, and it has all the features of the Black Gold version. Headphone users use 9i-ES/ESA to enjoy not only traditional stereo music, but also Blu-ray pure music and Blu-ray concerts, Blu-ray movies. Using headphones, while enjoying Blu-ray concerts through the 7-inch HD screen on this unit is a pleasant experience.


      The 9i-ES/ESA has an analog balanced output and an RCA output. Digital SPDIF coaxial (direct output or transformer coupled output), BNC, digital balanced AES, optical fiber and other common output interfaces. The design of this unit follows the high-end HiFi standard, and the device selection and circuit design are all based on audio performance. The DAC uses the WM8741 chip, which is a typical British-style chip with a rich musical flavor. The analog output is a discrete device structure.


      9i-ES/ESA supports LAN playback, which can play files on the NAS on the LAN, and can also play resources on the LAN through NFS.


      The 9i-ESA has a built-in headphone amplifier. The amp is designed with a single-ended class A and has a large output current to drive high-impedance headphones.



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