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9i-ADM 8ch HIFI media player

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. 9i-ADM 8 channel HiFi media player is designed for multi-channel HiFi. It can be understood as a combination of four 9i-AD black gold models. . This product is suitable for hifi-AV system. It has 8-channel high-performance analog output, which can be transferred to multiple HiFi power amplifiers or multi-channel HiFi power amplifiers to form a multi-channel system.
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       9i-ADM is designed for multi-channel HIFI。


      The 9i-ADM 8ch HIFI media player  adopts Marvell's 88DE3010 Blu-ray chip as the main control and has video function. Because of Marvell's unique qdeo technology, the video quality is very good, and it is in the leading position among many Blu-ray solutions. In addition, due to the use of high-end audio DSP, and the multi-channel and dual-channel are independent, the audio performance is also very strong. We have redesigned the chip's clock architecture to give the DSP the ability to receive external clocks. This architecture is known as the "independent audio dual clock" architecture. Cen.grand first proposed this architecture and achieved productization. In 2011, the first product 5i-A using this solution was launched. 



     9i-ADM can play Blu-ray movies, can output 7.1-channel audio source code stream through HDMI interface, and can also output 7.1-channel analog audio (XLR/RCA). Support Blu-ray navigation, support video files in multiple formats, support PCM192/DSD64. The built-in hard disk supports 2T, the external mobile hard disk supports 1T, and can also be connected to the hard disk array through USB, and the capacity is not limited. The speed of the network card is 100M, and it can be connected to the router through wifi or network cable to play the video in the LAN.


      The audio design of the 8 channels is the same, so it is also called "equal specifications" design. Each channel uses a WM8741, component selection and circuit design for the best sound quality. The WM8741 is a typical British-style chip with a rich musical flavor. The analog output is a discrete device structure. 


      9i-ADM is to integrate four 9i-AD black gold versions on one machine. It has 8-channel analog output, including balanced output. They are: left and right channel, center channel, side surround sound. Track, surround back channel, subwoofer channel. The analog outputs of all channels use the same circuit elements as the 9i-AD black gold version. The volume cannot be adjusted for all channels, and the volume needs to be adjusted on the backend equipment. 


     As a source of Blu-ray multi-channel system, 9i-ADM can play pure Blu-ray music, Blu-ray movies, and Blu-ray navigation. Audio supports almost all major formats: PCM192, DSD64, WAV, FLAC, APE, etc. Since no sound processing is added, the audio of the 9i-ADM analog output is the original audio signal. The high-fidelity, high-density sound is more suitable for music appreciation. This advantage is obvious when playing Blu-ray concerts and Blu-ray pure music. 


     9i-ADM is generally used in combination with HiFi multichannel amplifiers. The HDMI output is sent to the AV amplifier for film and television viewing, and the analog output is sent to the multi-channel HiFi amplifier for music appreciation. Such a system is the perfect HiFi/AV ??system.



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