The story of DSD


The 9i-80S is the latest design of the decoder. Due to the connection with the computer, there may be some problems. Here is summarized as follows:

First, 9i-80s button function

There is 3 seconds of mute after power-on, and then mute is automatically released.

Reset button: Short press mute, long press reset, reset takes several seconds.

Input button: short press to switch input signal, long press to switch digital filter mode

Volume button: Volume up and down, under normal circumstances, it is best to set the maximum volume, which is 0.0 db.

Second, how do you know that the computer has established a connection with the decoder?

When your computer has the driver installed and you have seen the XMOS device in the device manager, after plugging in the USB cable, there will be a green dot indication in the upper right corner of the decoder display, indicating that the connection is successful. Of course, the input selection should be selected on the USB.

Third, please use the USB interface on a computer in use.

Since the computer operating system has already determined the interface number when installing the driver, the decoder must be connected to the USB interface when the computer is installed with the driver, otherwise it may not be able to connect.

When the connection problem can't be solved, you can try to reinstall the driver, which will be solved in most cases.

Since the USB interface of the computer is a frequently used interface, the contacts inside the interface may become loose or oxidized, which may cause poor contact. This requires you to keep your computer in good condition and use a more standard USB data cable.

4. Can I use other players?

It is recommended to use foobar. Other players are also available.