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  Momijigaoka 1-27-14, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-0004, Japan


STII is closely working with Watervein Partners, Inc. (WVP) focusing on Japanese bio ventures support and investment.
From 2004, STII's president, Dr. Ishigami had started with three his colleagues an new independent venture capital focusing on the investment and support for the seed-stage bio ventures in Japan. WVP has some US$25MM funds and is actively investing in the excellent bio start-ups.


This Year's AACC is in Chicago, U.S.A.. Please visit AACC page in this site.
Market research report on Japanese IVD
Under the collaboration with a U.S. established market research firm, STII will start to provide the multi-clients market survey on Japanese IVD status. Interested parties, please contact to us.
New Partner :Dr. Wittmann Expert Services


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